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PAEMS offers comprehensive building MEP design services including façade lighting effect and water features design. Services scope ranges from concept design, preliminay design, detailed design and tender document, construction supervision, testing and commissioning services.

Our clients have the option to commission us for an individual stage of work or for a full service.

Our key engineers are professionally qualified and all have over 20 years experience on M&E design consultancy services, and have accumulated extensive experiences in engineering MEP systems for high rise office buildings, luxury hotels and apartments and shopping malls. We understand that M&E systems have a direct impact on building quality and operating costs, and we fully appreciate the importance of cost effectiveness, reliability, environmental sustainability and maintainability.

We take note of clients market development concepts, requirements plus local constraints in our design, and target for system flexibility, reliability, sustainability, particularly in the areas of the air-conditioning and heating systems, quality water systems, fire control systems, vertical transportation and building management control systems, façade lighting, acoustics and vibration mitigation etc. in order to deliver a first class environment for the end users.

We fully understand the need for flexibility in F&B areas, to allow for easy modification of services to facilitate frequent change of functions.

For malls, the challenges are maintenance of environmental conditions which is imperative to retain customers; energy saving program to minimize operating costs to increase investment return; flexibility to allow for efficient alteration & additional work to cope with tenancy changes.  In addition, attention should be paid to F&B kitchen exhaust and oily discharges which often has been nuisances to the surrounding environments.

For the residential buildings, reliability should be an important consideration in the design of building services systems. The developer may wish to maintain and operate the buildings themselves.  Well planned and designed systems for services will significantly assist the developer, in providing the required maintenance and will reduce operating costs.

The proper provision of access panels, adequate plant space and appropriate location of risers will be of great importance. Many of these factors are associated with the planning, and a strong and experienced building services team is required to ensure that the requirements are provided and co-ordinated.

PAEMS recent projects


GuoXing Intercontinental  Hotel & Office Towers – Haiko, Hainan.

Being developed by Hai- Hang Group, the project is situated at the New City District of Haiko, Hainan.

There are two towers. One is a complex of the 5-star Intercontinental Hotel on top of an A- class office tower. The tower at its side is another A-class office tower. The total GFA is  222,200 sqm consists of a 66,000 sqm basement. Above it are the 102,300 sqm hotel/office complex and a 53, 500sqm  5-star office building.




Cixi Sheraton Hotel is located at Zong Han Road of Ningbo Cixi. The project consists of a 20 storey Sheraton Hotel and a 19 storey Property Hotel.


With the Sheraton Hotel of 100m high and the Property hotel of 68m high, the complex will become a landmark in that district.




Kaisa City Plaza in Baoji Shenzhen consists of an enormous shopping mall, A-class offices , a Renaissance 5 Star Hotel and serviced apartment. Total area exceeds 500,000 m2.


The 6 storey shopping mall comprises various retail, F&B, IMAX cinema, recreational such as ice skating rink and entertainment facilities, supermarkets etc.


The complex has a 300m hotel/office tower; two 200m high serviced apartment / office towers and four 50 and 38 storey residential towers


Qingdao Laoshan Xi-yuan Holiday Inn is one of the projects developed to greet the opening of the World Garden Expo 2014 in Qingdao. The hotel consists of 6 storeys above ground and 3 storeys underground. Total hotel GFA is 45,000 m2 with 257 rooms. Hotel consists of various creational facilities, pools, lounge, restaurants and convention centre.


Jilin Guomao Holiday Inn, is part of a huge complex consisting of shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings. Located at the east part of the commercial district which has been slowly developed for over a century and is now becoming the busiest commercial centre.


The hotel project has a GFA of 60,000 sqm, 30 storeys, 127m high. Expected to be one of the few international standard hotels in town.


Raycom Park, Hefei, Anhui


Raycom Park –another SOM design, is a commercial complex comprises retails, F&B, recreational facilities, IMAX cinema, shopping street, a 300m class-A office building with a 5-star hotel at the high zone, a SOHO office building and an apartment building.


Yangzhou Metro West Holiday Inn


Yangzhou Metro West Holiday Inn is located at the prime area of Moon Lake in Yangzhou City, close to Yangzhou Polytechnic University and Yangzhou City International Exhibition Center. The hotel total construction area is ​​46,910 m2, of which the above ground floor area is ​​33,670 m2 and the underground area is ​​13,240 m2. The 21- storey building is 79.2m high with 330 rooms.


Shaanxi Baoji Holiday Inn Express


Developed by Shaanxi New Qifeng Group, the hotel situated at the busy sector of Baoji, consists of 220 rooms. Total GFA is 25,600 sqm; 24 storeys ; 6/F & 7/F are for nightclubs; 8/F is for restaurants; 11 to 14/F are assigned to as Training centre; 15/F to 22/F are allocated to guest rooms.


Guangdong Yunfu Holiday Inn Express



The hotel is located inside the International Stone Material City of Yunfu Guangdong. Total GFA is 20478 ㎡ with 12 storeys and a basement. The total number of guestrooms (4/F to 11/F) is to be controlled to within 250.

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